7 Greatest Fantasies Of Sleep-Deprived Parents

7 Greatest Fantasies Of Sleep-Deprived Parents

Things can be quite crazy at Parentville when you are running behind a toddler while sleep-deprivation is kicking your butt. And it must have been a while since you got 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep with no one calling your name or banging your door. Your fantasies can take a complete U-turn when you become a parent. Romantic getaways or lying with your loved one under the starry sky might not be what appeals to you anymore. Here we have rounded up 8 fantasies of sleep-deprived parents from our MomJunction community to let you know you are not alone.

1. A Sparkling Clean Home

A Sparkling Clean Home

“I have returned home after a long day of work. As I enter the house, I notice something is different. There are no dirty dishes in the sink, or clothes and toys lying around on the couch and floor, and even the laundry is done. My husband surprises me with a sparkling clean house and gifts me my favorite brand of red wine.” – Hana (daughter, age 4)

2. Binge Watch The Entire Season Of My Favorite Show

Binge Watch The Entire Season Of My Favorite Show

“The kids go to sleep way early and my husband has already done the dishes. I switch the TV on to watch my favorite TV show with a tub of ice cream and some tacos for later. I finally have my uninterrupted hours to watch my TV show without thinking about anything or anyone else.” – Mira (Children, age 5, age 7)

3. Kids Who Are Independent

Kids Who Are Independent

“My kids suddenly come up to me and say, ‘Hey Dad, we have taken baths and finished our dinner. We are also done with our homework. Can we please go to bed early today?’ Oh, yeah, and they don’t need me to read them bedtime stories anymore.” – Karan (Children, age 6, age 11)

4. Not Passing Out In The Middle Of The Movie

Not Passing Out In The Middle Of The Movie

“My husband and I wait for our kids to go to sleep and then pop on our favorite movie. And we make it through till the end without falling asleep. After the movie, we even engage in some cuddling and intimacy.” – Henna (Children, age 1, age 3)

5. Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed

“Just as I am waking up, my husband greets me with breakfast in bed. He has made my favorite, masala dosha and tea. He asks me to stay in bed and rushes off to get the kids ready for school. I lay back sipping my tea and have a bite of masala dosa knowing that I can have my breakfast in solitude with nowhere to be.” – Zoya (Children, age 6 age, 9, age 14)

6. Grandma Saves The Day

Grandma Saves The Day

“My kid is refusing to eat her vegetables or put on the dress I chose for her. Just as a temper tantrum is about to start, my grandma makes a surprise visit. She demands me to sleep for 11 hours, no questions asked. She insists on dropping my daughter off to daycare and picking her up later. And she lets me know I will have to face some serious consequences if I don’t obey her.” – Sarah (Daughter, age 3)

7. Blasting Adult Music On Radio

Blasting Adult Music On Radio

“I am listening to The Real Slim Shady on the radio instead of Crazy Frog and my kids are sitting quietly in the back seat of the car. I don’t hear any questions about who is singing; why is he talking like that; what that word means, or if they can listen to Crazy Frog for the 100th time. Zero uninterrupted questions with Eminem blasting on my radio!” – Masaba (Children, age 5, age 7)

Do you have any fantasies that you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comment section below.

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