7 Christmas Tree Decoration Theme Ideas

7 Christmas Tree Decoration Theme Ideas

Christmas is on its way and we can’t keep calm about it! We’re sure most of you would have already started shopping for your Christmas party outfits, cake ingredients, and even the decorations. You would have also planned a visit to the nearby store to get yourself the best Christmas tree for your home. But then, you stop short of buying it because you don’t seem very content buying the same green stuff every year. You earnestly wish you could do something different this time. But what can it be? Or how do you come up with a unique Christmas tree decoration idea? So, if you are in a similar dilemma and falling short of such ideas, then here a few decoration themes to help you out:

1. The Cherry On The Cake

The Cherry On The Cake

If your Christmas cake is going to be full of fresh cream and bright, red cherries, then why can’t your Christmas tree look similar. Try this ‘Cherry On The Cake’ theme with a silver or white Christmas tree. Make sure you get the brightest red baubles and globes to match them. For the topper, you can even choose a silver or white snow-flake instead of the usual star to keep it different.

2. Bookshelf Christmas Tree

Bookshelf Christmas Tree

Want to combine novelty with utility? Then go for this bookshelf Christmas tree. This one will not only look unique but will get your kids all excited when decorating it. You can go for any type of decoration including keeping colorful books or gifts on the shelves. The best part? Your kids will cherish it all the year round when they use it as a bookshelf – days after Christmas is over!

3. Newborn Celebration

Newborn Celebration

Expecting a new arrival days before Christmas? Then how about designing the whole thing around the baby? Go for a miniature Christmas tree along with miniature sled for the tiny elf you are getting home. And yes, don’t forget to add the big ribbon as the tree topper. Use different colors for a boy or a girl!

4. Eco-Friendly Christmas Decoration

Eco-Friendly Christmas Decoration

You would have often used the ladder to decorate the Christmas tree. But what about the poor ladder? And if you are also one of those who hates the trees being cut, then go ahead and decorate this cute little ladder. Your kids will love decorating it too since it’ll not be too high for them to reach. To make it more creative, ask your kids to hang handmade toys or their favorite toys.

5. The Bamboo Tree Tent

The Bamboo Tree Tent

This is one of our favorites too. This tree is made up of light bamboo strings and definitely does not look like a regular Christmas tree. With no sharp ends, it is also safe for your kids to be around. You can easily decorate it the way you want. Use decorations that blend with the color of the bamboo strings like yellow or earthy tones. And get ready to be complimented for it!

6. The Sailor Vibes

The Sailor Vibes

Christmas is usually given red and green hues. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use different colors for your Christmas tree. For instance, you can choose the colors of the sea or sky and give it a sailor-like vibe. Go with a blue-hued theme for your decoration. Still better, get a wall featured in blue or go for blue-colored gift wrappers. While you are at it, though, don’t forget to get a huge silver starfish as the Christmas tree topper to complete the nautical look.

7. Comic Book Christmas Tree

Comic Book Christmas Tree

You can use this Christmas Tree idea to decorate the nooks and corners of your home. You can also use it as your office desk decoration. All you need is a couple of really colorful pages of a comic strip either from your regular newspaper or an old comic book. Simply fold them in a triangle, arrange them around, and top it with the pretty star. And behold! Your miniature Christmas tree is ready to rock!

We hope you liked these Christmas tree decoration ideas. Which one are you planning to go with? Let us know in the comments section below.

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