6 Small Business Ideas Stay at Home Dads Can Conquer

If you have a weekend, you can pretty much get your business up and running in no time at all.

Stay at home dads are no longer a rarity. More and more dads are trading in the 9-to-5 grind to spend more time with their families at home during the day. In fact, seven percent of all fathers in the US are stay at home dads, according to Pew Research Center.

For the fathers hanging around the house, life could get a bit boring. Kids may be going full-time to school now, and a large junk of the day just opened up. And instead of heading back out into the unforgiving workforce, you would rather work from the comfort of home.

The good news is that you most certainly can. There are plenty of different business ideas a stay at home dad can pursue, and be pretty darn good at. From consulting to an eBook writer, let’s take a look at six stay at home dad business ideas that any father can conquer.

1. Enterprise Consulting

Chances are you have quite a bit of professional experience. Well, as a stay at home dad, you can put that experience to use as an enterprise business consultant. This is an easy way for ex-corporate types to start a business, since they have the network and know-how to land a handful of clients quickly. It’s also a lucrative business with an estimated global market size of $133 billion.

2. Small Business Advisor

If going the corporate route is not of interest, you can still put all your years of business experience to use by helping out small business owners as a small business advisor. This is certainly a lot less demanding, but you may need to take on a few more clients than you would as an enterprise consultant. Mainly due to the pay gap between the two business ideas. Being a small business advisor can be done in your local community, or you can go digital and advise small businesses around the US.

3. Publish an eBook

The next business idea is all about your professional experience and communicating that experience to the masses in digital book form. Writing an eBook can be pretty rewarding, and if you have unique professional experience to share, you can make a pretty decent paycheck from it.

You don’t even need to write it. You can record your thoughts and ideas and pay a professional writer to do the writing for you. Publishing is also easy with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing services. Also, think series. The more eBooks you have published and for sale, the more you’ll potentially earn monthly.

4. Start Blogging

If writing an entire book seems daunting, you can blog your experience instead. Blogging is a great way to make a passive income, and if you are consistent and publish blogs often, you can gain a bit of an online following. You can even blog about non-professional things, like starting a dad blog, or blog about a hobby or interest you have.

And setting up a blog is easy and affordable. You can get a domain and WordPress site for as little as $50 and a great looking blog website theme for around $20. It takes a bit to grow your blog, so be patient and keep posting.

5. Real Estate

Real estate is a great business idea for stay at home dads since the time demand is relatively low if you are not trying to make a large income. There are also a few ways to approach making money via real estate. The first is by becoming a real estate agent, listing and selling homes. The second is to buy buildings, develop them, and then resell them for profit. This is not only a fun business idea to pursue, but can also be pretty lucrative down the road. Here you can find more tips on legitimate home jobs.

6. Sell Stuff Online

The eCommerce industry is a multi-billion dollar business, and stay at home dads can easily get a piece of the profits. Total eCommerce sales in 2018 amounted to over $500 billion in the US alone. And starting an eCommerce store is a pretty easy endeavor. You can use eCommerce platforms like Shopify to quickly set up your store and sell items within days of launch. You will need to have some marketing know-how and optimize your product listings to net more traffic from customers, but once you figure it out, product orders will start flowing in.

In Conclusion . . .

There are certainly a number of business ideas out there for stay at home dads to pursue as entrepreneurs. From eCommerce to blogging, the above potential businesses are only the tip of the iceberg, but among the easiest businesses to start. If you have a weekend, you can pretty much get your business up and running in no time at all. Are you a stay at home dad who started a business? What are your top tips?

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