5 Tips for Eating Oysters Like You Do It All the Time

Did you know oysters can live up to twenty years? Surprise your friends with this fact when you go to an oyster bar.

Are you heading out for oysters but want to learn more about them? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over tips on how to eat them.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

When Should I Eat Oysters?

You might think you can only eat them during a particular season. That’s not the case. There are oyster farms that keep the water cold. This way, the farmers can track bacteria.

Yet, you might notice that oysters taste better in the early winter months and late fall. They are plumper and richer during these months.

How Does the Shell Look?

When you buy oysters or head out to a restaurant, take a moment to look at the exterior of the oyster. Any green on the outside of the shell is a sign of phytoplankton. Phytoplankton is what the oyster eats.

You Don’t Need Utensils

Have fun eating the meat of the oyster from its shell. You’ll get to enjoy the added flavor from the liquid and shell. If you’re given an oyster fork, use it to free the meat from the shell.

Get Rid of Some Liquid

Some people will argue you should keep all the liquid in an oyster. Others will say it’s fine to pour some out.

During the oyster season, you’ll find a lot of ocean water in the shells. Try not to drain the oyster but keep some of the liquid. This way, you can enjoy the briny flavor.

Use Lemons

Oysters can come with cocktail sauce, a shallot mignonette, and lemon wedges. If you want to eat an oyster like a pro, stick with lemons.

Squeeze a few drops to help boost the flavor of an oyster. If you add too much lemon, it can overwhelm the taste.

Chew Your Oyster

Some folks might think you should slurp down shellfish. Try chewing your oyster so you can taste all the flavors. The sweetness of an oyster’s found in the meat. You’ll miss out on the taste if you swallow it.

Pair Your Oysters with Wine

The perfect wine can help draw out and enhance certain flavors in an oyster. Consider trying a Chablis wine. The Chablis region is in France and favors a colder climate.

Find Popular Oyster Restaurants

You want to go to a restaurant that has a responsible staff and a thorough knowledge of oysters. Look online to read reviews of local restaurants. This will help you decide where to head first.

Try out a few spots before you decide on a favorite. If you’d rather eat at home, search oysters near me on your phone. 

Want to Learn More?

We hope you found this guide on eating oysters helpful. Try not to slurp down your oyster and eat it with a few drops of lemon.

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