5 Things You Shouldn’t Worry About the First Year After Giving Birth

5 Things You Shouldn’t Worry About the First Year After Giving Birth

Giving birth is no easy feat. Your body has gone through a lot to deliver the tiny human you are swaddling in your arms now. However, new mommies often feel pressurized to bounce back to normal life as soon as they give birth. It’s hard not to be when your social media feed is constantly filled with celebrities and mom bloggers snapping back to their pre-pregnancy bodies or going on romantic getaways days after they had their baby. With such images floating in your minds, it’s hard to understand how reality can be much different.

Having a baby is exhausting, transformative, and really hard. It completely changes your body. So, the focus should be on staying happy and healthy. Here we jot down 5 concerns that should be put in the back burner at least a year after you give birth:

1) Shedding The Baby Weight


Now that you have delivered your baby, the first thing on your mind would be shedding those extra kilos. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to keep wearing their maternity jeans during postpartum, right? But here’s the thing: your body has gained weight over the months, so isn’t it fair to give your body the same amount of time to lose it as well? And comparing your body to someone else is not healthy as each body is unique and works in unique ways. While some might take a few months to lose weight, others might take over a year. So the best thing you can do until then is to eat, nurse, and try to get enough rest. Believe me, your body will lose weight eventually.

2) Going On Romantic Dates

Going On Romantic Dates

It’s nice to go out with your partner for a romantic dinner or a movie date. But it’s nearly impossible to do so when you are new parents. Even if you do find a babysitter, your mind would be preoccupied wondering if your baby is safe and secure in your absence making you all anxiety-ridden. Which, let’s face it, nobody wants when they are on a date. So if you are finding it hard to go out, spend some quality time with your partner by cozying up on the couch and sipping wine or watching a movie.

3) Having A Social Life


You certainly don’t want to lose your individuality after becoming a parent. And you shouldn’t. But it can be hard to make it to most-or-any social events when you have a baby at home. Parental exhaustion kicks in and the last thing you would want to do is dress up and go for a party. With barely enough time to squeeze in some nap time or breakfast in your schedule, it is okay to lay low until your baby becomes a little more independent.

4) Keeping It Spick And Span

Keeping It Spick And Span

Who doesn’t love living in a clean space? But it could be a while since you see your house neat and tidy. With a new baby, your house would never be the same for at least a year. Yeah, that’s right. So learn to embrace the mess while also knowing that you don’t have to do everything on your own. You can hire a maid or house help or take up the offer when someone is ready to pitch in.

5) Being Conscientious As You Once Were


Looking after a child, barely getting enough sleep, and feeling hormonal and super exhausted is, well, exhausting. Don’t be hard on yourself if you forgot to wish someone on their birthday or decided not to because you were too tired to even pick up the phone and chat for 30 seconds. You can focus on the details and nuances once you feel more relaxed and free, which is probably going to take a while.

Did we cover all the worries of a new parent after birth? What were the worries that you had to let go after having a baby? Share with us in the comment section below.

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