5 Steps for Attracting Customers Away From Your Competitors

Are you looking for ways to bring more customers to your business? Have you spent so much on various marketing strategies and reached out to as many of your target audience as possible? But still, your current customer base numbers are nothing to brag about. You need not beat yourself up too much; your business is not alone in this regard. Many business owners like you wake up every morning to brainstorm ideas on how to attract new customers. But guess what? Many of them go back to bed at night without any clear vision of what to do.

But your case doesn’t have to be like that.

What about taking customers away from those businesses in your industry? Not like stealing from them technically, but convincing some of their loyal customers to switch brands. I know you’ve probably not thought about it; you just want to attract your own customers. But guess what? There is no better place to look if you want to increase your current customer base than your competitors’ base. Many of them probably have more customers than you, so taking a few from them shouldn’t drive them out of business. And even if it does, well, who cares?

Raise your customer support service

It doesn’t matter the type of business, every now, and then customers are always seeking support, answers to questions, and assistance. But as we all know it, many of the brands out there today take a while before they respond to customers’ requests.

According to Oracle, 89% of customers would move to a competitor if they had a poor customer service experience.

I, personally, have switched from a cell phone provider that I loved so much (thanks to their advert campaigns) to another that I never really fancied (I barely find their adverts anywhere) because the former takes too long to respond to my inquiries. Be it via calls, emails, social media handles; they just didn’t have a prompt response service.

If some of your competitors are like these, then you have a valuable opportunity to tap into. You just need to raise your own customer support service to the point where consumers get an immediate response anytime they need one. For starters, you can use AI Chatbots, hire customer agent personnel, and be active on social media, Twitter especially.

Sell at a much more reduced price

You’ve probably heard it before that if you want people to patronize you and not your competitors, you just need to slash your prices. Getting your competitor’s customers to switch allegiance is not an easy task at all. But if you want them to make the ultimate switch from the brand they already trust to you, then you have to give them a tangible reason to do so. And what better reason is there than a price slash. Are your competitors selling at $5; why not sell yours for $4.5?

However, it is important to know that this strategy doesn’t always work in all cases, especially if your business is an industry where lowly-priced goods are considered inferior. If your business is in the retail industry where things like CDS, clothes, groceries, and the likes are sold, then it is just normal for the consumers in that industry to search for the cheapest brand. However, if you’re in the real estate industry, a price slash might do more damage to your brand reputation than good.

Treat your own customers like kings

Another wonderful strategy you can use to woo your competitors’ customers is to treat your own customers like kings and queens. For instance, instead of your customers coming to pick their orders at your store, you can offer them free home delivery. When consumers from your competitors get to know about this awesome treatment you give to your customers, they’ll naturally want a similar treatment from their own brands. And if they don’t get it, well, they’ll jump the train and join your bandwagon.

Answer people’s question on social media

The introduction of social media has made marketing even easier. If you want to attract customers from your competitors, you can use social media to get your brand in their faces more often. Although they already have somewhere they buy from, the consistency of your social media posts and their relevance to people’s lives can inspire people to develop an interest in your brand. For instance, if you’re a business in the fashion line, and you’re always posting useful outfit tips, relevant dress codes, and advice on how to stay up to date with trends, it is only a matter of time before the customers of your competitors come to try some of your offerings.

Reduce the risk of buying from you

For every product bought, there is a certain level of risk attached. How much of this risk is your business willing to shoulder? More often than not, most businesses sell or offer services to their customers without offering any after-sales support.

If you want to attract customers from your competitors to your own business, then you need to do better than your competitors in this regard.

Take your time to research the after-sales support systems of your competitors and devise a strategy to do better than them. Perhaps many of them don’t even offer any after-sales support; you can come up with unique ideas such as a 1-year warranty, money-back guarantee, after-sales repair or re-do, 1-year free maintenance, and lots more.

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