5 Freelance Jobs for moms

Stay at home moms can still earn money working in the comfort of your home AND you can do it successfully thru online jobs!

There is a lot of fluff on the internet, BUT there are legitimate opportunities to work from home.

So moms, yes ! You can have it all. Lets see what we can do to assist you in achieving your financial goals while still being able to take care of your family as you see fit.

You will need to assess the amount of time, flexibility, and dedication needed to successfully run your freelance enterprise.


Im sure you already knew this would probably be #1. Well, you’re right. Becoming a top blogger has made quite a few moms very rich.

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Blogging is extremely popular and successful. Blogging makes way for so much flexibility; therefore, it’s the perfect opportunity for mons.

You make your schedule the way you see fit. You’re in control of your time and your family’s schedule.

#TBH sometimes I start working on my blogs at 10:00 p.m. at night because that’s my quiet time. I have so much going on all throughout the day and my words flow so much better at night.

It wasn’t easy getting my blog started, but eventually it grew into a phenomenal opportunity that I thoroughly enjoyed AND it was bringing in some real cash.

Bloggers can actually earn around $200 – $50,000+ a month or more.

You might ask: Do I need extensive computer knowledge to become a blogger? The answer is NO.

However, you should know how to write and put together a really good article that your readers will love. The key to good writing and loyal readership is to have passion about your topic. If it interests you then it will interest your reader.

Have you ever taken a college course and you really enjoyed the class simply because the professor had passion for teaching that particular course? If so, then this is how you must be, but it has to show in your writing.

Simply put, share your passion, Provide a service, and you will want to continue doing this every day and it will never seem like work.


Yes, this is a huge opportunity for the freelancer who loves to show and who loves a bargain.

We are working on a simplified online course that will help you get starter selling and making money quickly as possible.

There are a couple ways you can find products to sell on Amazon:

1. Retail arbitrage –  is where you find items in local stores or online that are on sale or clearance. You purchase these items and then turn around and resell it on Amazon for a higher price.

2. Private label  – you purchase products in bull from the manufacturer or wholesaler company and sell them as your own products. This requires a little more investment off the top. You will need a small nest egg of your own funds for this Avenue.

We are in the process of testing out the Amazon FBA, so we will keep you posted. However, we have read many success stories.   Nevertheless, my recommendation is to start out utilizing retail arbitrage until you’re comfortable with the process.

The process is very handy. Once you have purchased your products, you prep them, and ship them to Amazon and they list them on their site. When your product sells, Amazon will ship it to the customer for you and you get your percetage of the final sale minus their feesn.


Writing for other bloggers is one of the top jobs for a freelance entrepreneur. Most moms can earn a nice income by writing articles for other blogs during their spare time. One might think you will need an English or journalism degree or a literary agent, when you don’t need either of the two. Many blogs simply want to hire freelance writers to share their personal lifetime experiences and/or expertise in a certain field. Some of these sites will compensate you for your articles. This is a terrific avenue if you are looking to score some quick cash.

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4. Social Media Manager

Social media is one of the most utilized platforms we use in today’s internet world when we begin browsing for information online. You don’t have to be an expert on “All things social media,” to have enough knowledge to earn your clients trust. You simply have to be good at social media. You should have an idea about marketing trends and what makes a successful social media platform. This is definitely a telecommuting for work from home position.

Social media strategists or managers will assist a company or individual in managing all of their social network accounts. Some Social media managers may simply specialize in only one platform, such as Instagram or Facebook. Nevertheless, this position will afford you the luxury to work at your will and with several different clients at one time.

5. Online Tutoring

Let’s say you are a teacher and you possibly have teaching certifications or even a teaching degree. If the former is true then you can be a very successful freelance tutor. Tutoring is one of the hottest trends to earn extra income today. This freelance opportunity can work in your schedule if you are a stay at home mom or even if you have home school students. Tutoring requires you to have the passion to help people learn and grow as humans. This field is wide open because teachers in public schools may not have the time to help each individual student who may be falling behind in their work. Therefore, teachers often recommend the parents look for a tutor to expand on the current topic that may not be understood easily.

There are several sites online who offer programs that will pay you to become part of their network of tutors. They provide the platform and you provide the knowledge and teaching abilities that are needed to successfully tutor each of their clients. The sky is the limit when you decide to become a freelance tutor.

Personal Experience.: I’ve tutored online for one particular company and it has been a successful and rewarding experience. I truly enjoyed the time I spent with each of my clients and I walk away feeling very good that I made an impact in this child’s life forever. Change a child’s life today, become a freelance online tutor.

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