5 Eco-Friendly Paper Plates

We’re all aware of the environmental impact that using disposable foodware has on the planet. However, there are times when it’s the only option. Luckily, there are affordable products that are biodegradable and safe. For your next event, “go green” with these compostable plates.

Compostable Plant Fiber 9-Inch Plate 50 Count

These unbleached and chlorine-free plates are made from a blend of wheat-stalk (gluten-free) and sugarcane fiber. Sturdy and easy to hold, they’re oil, liquid, and cut resistant—plus microwave and freezer safe. These plates take 1-6 months to break down in a commercial compost and up to 12 months in a home compost.

Compostable Sugarcane/Bagasse 10-Inch 3-Compartment Plate, 50 Count

Serve a perfect dinner using this compartmentalized plate that’s made from sustainably-sourced bagasse. It’s compostable, FDA-approved and 100% tree and plastic-free.

With a large compartment for the main dish and two smaller compartments for sides, this plate is perfect for keeping sauces from mixing and food from mingling.

125-Pack 5-Compartment Bagasse Heavy Duty Tray Made of Sugarcane Fibers

If you’re throwing a potluck, you’re going to need bigger plates. This heavy-duty tray has 5 separate compartments that can easily hold salad, dessert and everything in-between. Furthermore, they’re manufactured from sugarcane fiber and are both biodegradable and compost-friendly.

Compostable 6-Inch Square Plate, 500-Count

These elegant plates are made of biodegradable, fibrous material and are compostable too. They’re the perfect size for serving appetizers and desserts thanks to the gently elevated sides that will keep food nicely contained. Microwave and freezer safe, they can be used for reheating or enjoying your food at a later date.

Pure Palm 7-Inch Square Plates, 25-pack

Made from natural palm leaves, each plate is uniquely patterned by nature. They’re 100% natural and untreated so that they can be composted. Microwave safe, they’re also available in a variety of sizes.

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