5 Amazing Statistics About Vinyl Window Replacement

There are so many materials for window replacement in the market, such as wood, aluminum, composite, metal, and of course, vinyl material. Amongst all these window materials, there is one material that stands out from all; vinyl windows. It is a typical window material for many homeowners, and we will tell you why by highlighting some of the interesting facts about it that you might not be aware of.

So, if you are planning to do window replacement this year and you are stuck on which window material to use for your replacement windows, this article is specifically meant for you. Continue reading below for more insights.

1. The Price of Vinyl Windows.

Cost is one of the main factors that homeowners consider when shopping for windows. However, this is not a thing to be concerned about if you are buying vinyl windows. The cost of vinyl windows is considerably lower than that of the other window styles. That is why vinyl replacement windows are such an appealing option for homeowners.

Vinyl windows cost 25% less compared to wooden windows. In fact, you will not find any other window material in the market that is cheaper than vinyl. The cost has remained low since the production cost of vinyl is low because of the ease of processing as compared to other materials.

2. Average Life Span.

Vinyl windows have a life expectancy of more than forty years. However, this depends on how well the windows are taken care of and the weather elements they are exposed to. Windows exposed to harsh weather elements such as extreme cold, and scorching heat may not last for many years, but if they are well maintained, they can last for several years.

One reason why vinyl replacement windows last for many years is that they don’t need a lot of maintenance. It is able to maintain its finish for a couple of years, unlike wood, which is susceptible to peeling, flaking, bending, and rotting. Wood also require regular painting to look good. To keep your vinyl windows looking appealing, all you need to do is regular cleaning. The implication of this is that choosing vinyl for your window replacement can be convenient and time-saving in terms of maintenance.

3. Return on Investment.

And for the homeowners who are wondering whether it is worth installing vinyl windows, you don’t have anything to worry about. Despite being cheaper compared to other window styles, vinyl windows guarantee you the highest return on investment of up to 75%. Compared to the other types of windows, this is an appealing ROI. Also, don’t forget the little effort and time that is needed to maintain your windows.

4. Window Replacement Cost.

Not only the price and initial installation that are cheaper but the replacement of vinyl windows are also inexpensive. Vinyl window replacement is much less expensive compared to the other window materials.

On average, you would pay approximately $150 for replacements, including the installation of the windows. This is much cheaper compared, for instance, the cost of replacing fiberglass windows that can be as high as $400. However, don’t forget that these costs are determined by various aspects such as the type of glass, individual installers, and size of the window. Also, you should include labor costs in your calculations. All these factors make the replacement prices to vary considerably.

5. Energy Efficiency.

Energy efficiency is now of paramount importance to many homeowners thanks to the benefits associated with installing energy-efficient replacement windows such as the reduction in energy utility bills and possible federal tax cuts. That is where everyone wants to install energy-efficient windows these days.

So, if you need energy-efficient windows, look no further. Vinyl windows offer an excellent option for your home. They keep heat in during the winter and expel it during the summer. This is as a result of low- e coating, which comes by default with window units manufactured from vinyl. This is a much-needed feature, especially if you live in an area where there are huge temperature surges.

If you decide to install vinyl windows, you can save up to 20%on your monthly energy utility bills. If you are tired of paying high bills every month, then vinyl is the best option for you. You will also be helping to save our planet.

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