4 Cocktail Rings That Make a Stylish Statement

There’s a time to be understated and a time to shine—statement cocktail rings definitely fall into the latter category. With fun designs that include everything from oversized gems to sparkly motifs, costume jewelry cocktail rings are a great way to offer a nod to old-school glamour while staying on budget. These options will add a little oomph to any outfit.

You’ll practically feel like you’re wearing the “heart of the ocean” on your finger with this cocktail ring. An oversized brilliant deep blue gem is framed by an ornate silver-toned design. It provides a vintage feel reminiscent of a time when it seemed as though people donned their finest things even on the most ordinary of days!

When you have a love for all things sparkly, this bauble will make your heart happy. Overlapping rings of cubic zirconia make for an eye-catching piece with an edgy but elegant feel. Covering your finger from the base to right around the knuckle, it’ll feel glam and costumey all at the same time. In one word: Fabulous.

Sometimes simply the look of precious metals says it all, as is the case with this cocktail ring available in plated rose gold or plated white gold. With clean, overlapping lines, this accessory is understated and uncomplicated, offering a sophisticated dash of elegance for either day or evening style.

Who can say no to shimmer and shine partnered with a pale pink gem? Boasting a rhodium-plated band with cubic zirconia stones, this pretty piece is ultra feminine and elegant. It packs a wow factor (without appearing overly ostentatious) while delighting your inner girly girl. The emerald-cut of the gem is a modern, sleek approach to the classic cocktail ring.

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