4 Bath Toys That Turn Tub Time into Playtime

When it comes to bathtime, kids either love it or loathe it. Regardless of their personal feelings on sudsing up, they have to get clean. Make the tub more appealing by adding some bright, fun, silly toys. These baby and toddler-friendly trinkets are the ultimate distraction while giving your cutie a much-needed wash.

Colorful and cute, your kiddo will have so much fun with this 10-pack of bath squirters shaped like some of their favorite waterfowl, amphibians, crustaceans, and reptiles (seriously—they really cover everything here). Each toy is made from soft rubber that is squeezable for little hands. Nuby does warn to allow each toy to air dry completely after each use to avoid the growth of what they call “harmless yet unsightly aquatic algae.”

Let your little engineer’s imagination run wild with this set of building bath pipes. Each “pipe” can suction cup to the wall and be rearranged to change the flow of water. Kids can get as creative as they like, pouring H20 through the top of a pipe and watching where it lands.

The First Years’ Stack Up Cups are fun for both in and out of the bath. It’s all kinds of splishy splashy fun to fill and dump water from the brightly-hued cups in the tub. Outside of the bath kiddos can practice their developmental skills by stacking the cups on solid ground.

Ahoy, land lubbers! Your transportation-loving kiddo will quickly become obsessed with Green Toys’ super cute ferry boat, complete with mini cars (because it has to transport something across the water, no?). Little ones will have fun loading and unloading the passenger cars from the boat, giving you plenty of time to get that hair washed and body clean. And did we mention it’s made from 100% recycled plastic? Because, oh yeah, that, too.

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