4 Air Fresheners That Make Driving a Breath of Fresh Air

Whether it’s a long commute, carpool, shuttling kids around or eating on-the-go, you often can tell how much time is spent in your vehicle by the way it smells. Make drive time enjoyable with air freshener options that eliminate odors while tackling tough tasks such as allergen reduction, dehumidifying, and even stress relief. Here are our picks for the best air freshening tools that cover all your driving needs.

Environmental allergies can make life miserable so eliminate them in your car with a premium stainless steel air purifier with HEPA filter. Plug it into your car’s 12-volt auxiliary power outlet, and this sleek ionizer gets rid of pollen, mold, and bacteria as it deodorizes. This air purifier also provides dual USB outlets to conveniently charge phones and other devices.

A long commute or bumper-to-bumper traffic can be stressful. Bring the calming benefits of aromatherapy on the road with this portable essential oil diffuser. It’s easy to use, just prep the humidifier by filling it with water and place it upside-down for one minute to activate the wick. Add 2-3 drops of essential oils, and you’ll be on the road to nirvana.

Made from odor-absorbing and eco-friendly activated charcoal, this air purifying bag naturally traps smells and allergens without adding chemicals or unwanted scents. It also serves as a dehumidifier making it perfect for rainy days, or humid climates. The built-in lanyard makes it easy to clip onto headrests and air vents. If recharged once a month in direct sunlight, this air purifier can deodorize for up to 2 years.

If you’ve ever picked up a carload of sweaty teens fresh from practice, then you know that a heavy-duty odor eliminator is a necessity. These air freshener clips attach to the air vent, ensuring that the driver and all passengers breathe easy. A dial on top adjusts the level of scent intensity to suit the situation and each keeps your vehicle smelling fresh for up to 30 days.

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