3-Year-Old Consumes 18 Yogurts During 10 Minutes Parent Was Away

A hilarious viral photo is reminding us all what kids are capable of if you leave them out of your sight for too long.

On October 12, U.K. dad and engineer Arron Jeff Whysall made the mistake of leaving his adorable 3-year-old daughter, Olivia, alone for 10 minutes in their kitchen while he tended to their garden.

When he returned to check up on her, he couldn’t believe his eyes. On the table were 18 Petits Filous yogurts she had eaten during the very brief time he was gone, TODAY Parents reports.

“She looked so proud of herself,” he told TODAY Parents. “I couldn’t tell her off.”

Arron posted a photo of the aftermath to his Facebook as proof, with the fitting caption, “Have kids they said.” Currently, the post has 10,000 shares.

Many commented that they could picture their own little one doing the same thing.

Some noticed the little girl’s expression, with one user writing, “The face on the child 😂😂😂.”

Meanwhile, others tried to find the positive. “Makes her bones grow stronger,” wrote one optimistic commenter.

Fortunately, despite consuming so many yogurts during one sitting, Olivia did not get sick. Arron told TODAY Parents his daughter was “totally fine afterwards,” and had “no complaints.”

As TODAY Parents reports, this isn’t the first time a youngster made the news for eating a lot of yogurt. In 2015, Emilie-Lea Hayward, who was then in preschool, made headlines for eating 30 pots of Petits Filous yogurt daily.

Something about that brand and ravenous tots.

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