3 Wooden Spoons that Every Kitchen Needs

The wooden spoon is a staple that’s still relevant in today’s modern kitchen. Unlike metal and plastic counterparts, wooden spoons never become too hot to touch, won’t scratch pots or pans, can withstand high heat without leaching chemicals into food, and are strong and sturdy. They stir everything from brownie mix to thick beef stew. With many attractive designs, the wooden spoon doubles as a workhorse on the stovetop or decorative piece on the dining table.

This solid beech spoon can stir through thick soups and deglaze pans while being gentle enough for use on coated nonstick cookware. If you own an Instant Pot, this wooden spoon is perfect to have in your arsenal. It comes in handy while deglazing the pot to avoid the dreaded “BURN” warning.

Add some flair to your table setting with these uniquely designed large wooden tablespoons. Hand-finished with extra-long handles, they are well made and multi-functional. They can also be used for cooking or are the perfect size for stirring sauces and dressings. This 6-piece set comes nicely packaged in a gift box, making it a lovely hostess gift.

This handmade, 6-piece bamboo utensil set is well-stocked with kitchen tools that are essential for baking and stovetop cooking. Lightweight but durable, the ergonomic tools are heat, stain, and odor-resistant plus easy to clean with soap and warm water. It also comes with an attractive utensil holder that nicely complements any kitchen

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