3 Ways Therapy Can Help You Through Life

Personal therapy is a very under utilized tool that can greatly increase your quality of life.

Therapy (or counseling) is one of those tools that you don’t fully appreciate until you have used it. It’s like buying a rice cooker and realizing that there’s an easier way to cook rice out there. As the rice cooker can save you time and energy on cooking the perfect pot of rice, therapy can help you navigate those troubling situations and negative thoughts that may plague you.

Therapists and counselors keep almost all things that you discuss confidential unless you are talking about harming yourself or another person. This confidentiality means your conversations will be kept private.

There has long been a stigma about receiving therapy or counseling. Don’t let falsehoods stop you from getting the help that you need or recommending someone that you care for the help that they need.

Here are three reasons why therapy can make your life easier.

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#1 It provides someone to talk to if you’re lonely.

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One of the main reasons therapy is helpful is it offers the seeker and outlet to expose the things that are troubling him or her the most. Many people that suffer from depression suffer from it alone or in silence. Therapists offer help and an ear to those individuals that are dealing with various issues and problems alone. In many cases, having someone to talk to can bring an individual into a safe mental state. If you’re looking for some guidance

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#2 It provides words of affirmation.

Words of affirmation are a standard tool used by therapists to help clients cope with negative thoughts. By introducing something positive to offset the negative, a therapist can guide you to having healthier thoughts. Many people struggling with various mental issues lack the positivity and nurturing environment that a healthy home provides. People want to fill like what they have done matters or what they are doing is worth it. If you are struggling with negative thoughts or depression, a therapist may be able to provide you with some relief using words of affirmation. The good thing about this tool is that you can learn to use what you have learned in therapy on your own. Whether it is months or years down the line, maintaining what you have learned during your sessions should prove highly useful.

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#3 It provides a safe space.

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Safe spaces are vital because they can help an individual feel at ease and allows them to be free. The therapist typically provides a client with a 30 minute to an hour session. During these sessions, you are encouraged to relax and be yourself. Whatever you want to talk about is usually on the table. The time and space provided is your time to use. You are encouraged to open up about your feelings and what is bothering you, but an experienced therapist understands that it takes time for some people to open up.

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It is never too late to seek help if you are going through a rough time in life. There is an abundance of resources out there to help. It is May and Mental Health Awareness Month, but that doesn’t mean the awareness ends there. Reach out to someone if you are dealing with a difficult situation. Always remember, you are not alone.

This post was previously published on Change Becomes You and is republished here with permission from the author.


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