3 Tips For Dissertation Writing

A dissertation is a very significant work, therefore it is important to observe a certain structure.

The student who is going to write a dissertation must follow the discoveries in his or her field, that is, keep up to date. A dissertation is a special type of work that is intended to show the graduate as a scientist but it is not considered scientific work. The dissertation shows the student’s ability to formulate a topic, problematic, and skillfully apply general methods to solve the tasks. Thus, your main goal is to show the level of your knowledge, as well as your ability to lead scientific research.

You can choose a topic yourself but you need to take into account its relevance in modern science and the importance of its development for your field. This is the first step but it determines your whole future work. Considering the importance of this, it might be relevant to address custom dissertation writing service in order to receive a qualitative written work.

The Structure of the Dissertation

A dissertation is a very significant work, therefore it is important to observe a certain structure. The structure of the dissertation looks like this:

  • The title page, which is drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the university;
  • Annotation;
  • Table of contents;
  • If your work has abbreviations or other designations, they are listed on a separate sheet;
  • Introduction;
  • Main part. It consists of chapters and subchapters;
  • Each chapter is followed by conclusions;
  • General conclusion;
  • List of references;
  • All kinds of applications.

Although writing a dissertation is quite difficult, following our recommendations, you will greatly simplify your work.

Things to remember when writing a paper

When preparing a dissertation in electronic form, one should not forget about generally accepted standards that every student should take into account.

If you use drawings in your work, then put them on a separate sheet. The same applies to tables that do not fit in the normal sheet format. It’s not worth putting all the drawings to the end of the dissertation. Better insert them next to the text in which they are mentioned. All elements must be signed and assigned a serial number.

The master’s thesis is written in an academic style. No need to make digressions or appeal to readers. Write clearly and to the point. It is strictly prohibited to narrate from a first-person perspective.

When you talk about the state of your topic at the present time, then at the same time write about it. But if you write about your work or the methods that you have applied, then use the past tense.

What chapters should be in the main part of the work

The structure of the main part of the master’s thesis cannot be chaotic. Each chapter should contain the main idea and be stated in a certain sequence. In the first chapter, the student analyzes scientific works that relate to the topic and expresses the opinion on this subject. You can reinforce the reasoning with your ideas but you must provide links to the works that became the basis of this chapter.

The second chapter provides a description of the items, ideas, or data with which you plan to work. Here you can make the necessary calculations if your work is connected, for example, with computers. Also, indicate and explain the methods that you will use.

The third chapter involves an account of the results. First, describe these results and only then proceed to discuss them. Here you can analyze your results, compose a chain of phenomena and their consequences, explain what this or that formula means.

Remember that the words: perhaps, in our opinion, etc., probably cannot be used.

Do not forget that a bigger volume of a dissertation may indicate a student’s inability to highlight important information, so be guided by the rule: a lot does not mean good. But if you have a really voluminous work, and all the information in it is useful, you can break up the dissertation into more chapters.

We wish you good luck with writing your dissertation!

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