3 Swaddling Blankets To Help Baby Feel Snug as a Bug

Watching maternity floor nurses swaddle a newborn is nothing short of fascinating. These professionals take pride in quickly and efficiently wrapping our tiny humans into a burrito-style blanket to ease them into the world they’ve just entered. Swaddling a newborn is helpful for the first few months of life as it keeps them cozy while their bodies learn how to regulate internal temperature and calm the moro (or startle) reflex. Hospital receiving blankets make for great swaddles, but if you want to up baby’s style game, these options are too cute for words. Oh, and if you haven’t been able to wrap your exhausted brain around the puzzle that is swaddling, check out the versions that take the guesswork out of the process.

The people behind aden + anais have this swaddling thing completely figured out. Not only do they have a ton of beautiful designs to choose from, but the muslin they use is top notch. These soft, pliable blankets are big enough to create an epic swaddle, but also handy to have around as a breathable, breezy way to shield baby from too much sunlight on a walk, or lightly cover their legs and feet in the stroller.

Organic-minded mamas and papas will love these swaddle blankets from Margaux & May. The 100% organic cotton muslin feels soft and lovely on baby’s sensitive skin. And the prints? Well those are cheerful, fabulous, and gender neutral. You’ll find yourself using these versatile blankets long after your little one has aged past the swaddle stage.

After a late-night feeding, creating the perfect swaddle can feel like an Olympic sport for which you’re too exhausted to qualify. That’s where these no-fuss Ziggy Baby Swaddle Blankets come in. Self-fastening flaps take all of the guesswork out of swaddling, keeping baby snug and secure in soft, breathable fabric that’s perfect for slumber.

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