3 PJ Masks Toys That Will Make Your Kids ‘Shout Hooray’

The hit Disney Junior show “PJ Masks” is beloved by many children because of the undeniable appeal of its genius DNA: superheroes, animals, and running around all night in pajamas. Bring the on-screen action to life with these toys designed to help your child save the day.

This toy helps kids cook up endless storylines for the brave band of heroes. The three-level homebase for the masked crew is complete with an owl-vision lookout deck, a tree trap to lock up villains, a furball shooter to scare away other enemies, and an interactive control center that explains missions, flashes lights, and more. With a Catboy figure and Cat-Car included, this playset is ready for action right out of the box (it even comes with batteries—#grownupwin). Compatible with all three-inch PJ Masks figures, each sold separately.

Designed for kids ages 3 to 6, this watch does more than simply tell time. In addition to a clock, alarm, timer, and stopwatch, it features games that teach counting, shapes, and more. The voices of the Owlette and the rest of the gang are all there cheering on the effort, and it even gives your little hero a digital amulet to transform Amaya into her all-red alter ego. Overall this multi-functional watch is a great distraction to have on hand—literally—when the grocery store checkout line is crawwwling.

The PJ Masks are ready for anything, even when on the move. This vehicle can carry up to three characters and four cars (one of each included) that can launch from the top deck when the team needs to quickly pursue offenders. The seeker’s cabin also detaches to function as an additional set of wheels. While the cool crane/bad guy cage is unique, what’s perhaps most notable is that this toy boasts noise, lights, and flying things (the trifecta of kid-appealing features). Players will no doubt gravitate toward the real searchlight, special effects sounds, and disk launcher first. Incoming!

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