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Getting organized can help you have a stress free Christmas! This printable Christmas planner has all you need to organize your budget, gift ideas, meals, party planning and more!

A few years ago I found myself overwhelmed by the Christmas season. I felt like I had lost the joy and the fun because I was trying to get everything done at the last minute, stressing about our budget, and trying to figure out what gifts to get.

I realized that I needed to focus on bringing joy back to the holidays. I needed to get plan so that I wasn’t overwhelmed and get organized so that important things weren’t left til the last minute.

I am by nature an unorganized person. I tend to have piles of important papers, notes scribbled on scraps and stuck in pockets or in the bottom of my purse. That’s just how I roll. But when I find an area of my life that desperately needs organization I try to find a way. Usually I try to keep it simple, figure out the basic elements and make whatever I come up with easy to use.

Christmas planner

I came up with this printable Christmas planner last year and put it into use. It worked so well I wanted to share it with you guys to make your holidays less stressful!

I tried to cover all the bases, I wanted to create pages for all the aspects of Christmas planning from gift giving, to parties, to family fun!

I divided it into 2 seperate planners that come in one package. There is the Christmas planner and the party planner. I did it this way so that if you only need the Christmas planner you don’t have to print off everything, and so you can keep your party plans for work, school etc separate from your family holiday planning.

Here’s what’s included in this printable Christmas planner-

Christmas planner gift

Gift Giving Planner Pages-

In this section, I’ve got everything you need to get your Christmas budget and gift-giving under control. There is a savings planning page to map out your plan to have enough money for the holiday. A budget page with spaces to plan your travel, gifts, activities, food, decorations and misc. Then there is a gift list with spaces for everyone on your list, and a child gift page that you can print out for each child to keep track of their wishlist and what you’ve purchased.

Christmas planner family fun

Family Fun Planner Pages-

These pages will help you get in the holiday spirit and have some fun! These include a blank bucket list for you to fill out, a sheet full of ideas for that bucket list, and a list of family-friendly Christmas movies! There is also a blank activities calendar you can use to fill in your schedule, plan what movies to watch, and set aside time for fun! The other calendar is a Christmas countdown that you can hang on your fridge (or where ever you want) and mark off the days til Christmas!

Holiday Meal Planning Pages-

When should you take your turkey out to thaw? Should you make your pies ahead of time? Who is bringing what to the potluck? These pages help you answer all of those questions! There is a turkey timeline to help make sure your bird is done on time! There is also a menu planning page, a menu timeline, and a potluck planner! Your holiday meal will be a breeze with these pages to help!

Travel Planning & Recipe cards-

These don’t really go together but they are both worthy of a mention! If you are traveling for the holiday you’ll want this page to keep track of your travel information, times and dates.

If you are planning to attend a cookie exchange or pot luck print out some of these recipe cards to take with you to hand out. You can also use them as part of your meal planning if you want to have all your recipes in one place!

Christmas party planner

The Christmas Party Planner-

This planner has all that you need for a great Christmas party. These pages include a guest list, party planning contacts to keep track of caterers, venues, and other vendors, a party planning timeline with places for tasks a month before, 2 weeks, 1 weeks, 2 days and the day of the party, a menu page, and a page for all your party details. This is the perfect planner for your work party, home party, or any holiday gathering!

So there you have it! The ultimate printable Christmas planner to get you organized and reduce your stress this holiday season! Just fill out the form below and get it delivered straight to your inbox!

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