20 Reasons Why Pumping Breast Milk Is The Absolute Worst

Reasons Why Pumping Breast Milk Is The Absolute Worst

Being a working mum, pumping was the only option I had after returning to work after my maternity leave. And though I believe it was worth it for my baby, I sure had the worst time pumping for my little one. I have read from many how pumping has helped them during the breastfeeding phase or how it made their life hassle-free. And while I support every mom who has decided to transition to pumping, I’m here to give you the ugly facts about it from my experience.

1. The Isolation

The Isolation

When everyone is going out or having fun or doing basic socializing, I’ll be sitting and pumping in my room. When everybody else is going to sleep or having lazy mornings, I’ll be up late or early in the morning with a pump in my hands.

2. Tolerating The Sound It Makes

I’m sure nobody can stand the sound the machine makes while you are pumping.

3. Pumping At Work

Pumping At Work

I don’t think this needs any further explanation. Pumping at work is tough. Period. It doesn’t matter if you have a friendly work environment or if your boss understands your situation.

4. Finding A Place To Pump

Whether it is pumping in a public restroom or your empty office, it is hard to find a pumping spot where you can pump in peace.

5. You Feel Like A Milking Machine

You Feel Like A Milking Machine

Yeah, it’s a powerful thing to be able to feed your little one. But have you felt like that is your only designation? Just me? Okay, then.

6. Missing Your Bedtime Pumping…

And then waking up with engorged breasts.

7. Pumping At Night

Getting very little sleep, and then pumping when everybody else has crashed their bed is the worst feeling ever.

8. Sore Nipples

Just like breastfeeding gives you sore nipples, so does pumping. You just have to deal with it..in pain.

9. Watching Your Baby Reject Your Precious Milk

Watching Your Baby Reject Your Precious Milk

How would you feel pumping all day and night and then watching your baby waste your precious milk? Not very good.

10. Pumping Forever And Getting No Milk

Pumping Forever And Getting No Milk

When you have pumped for 4 hours straight and barely get enough milk. Worst joke your breast can play on you if you ask me.

11. Let’s Not Forget The Price Tag

Who knew something so natural would cost you so much if your insurance doesn’t cover it?

12. Cleaning Up The Pump Parts

Cleaning Up The Pump Parts

If you were under the impression that pumping was the only tough part, wait till you do all the washing.

13. Storing Your Liquid Gold In The Freezer

Storing Your Liquid Gold In The Freezer

You know, there was a time when I used to store my ice cream and bag of peas in there.

14. Being Relegated To Your Room When You Have Guests

Unlike breastfeeding which feels natural to me, I feel like I am doing an awkward science experiment while pumping in my room.

15. Striking Up A Conversation With You Husband While You’re Pumping

Striking Up A Conversation

It’s hard to keep a straight face and act all natural while pumping. Agree?

16. When You Spill Milk

And secretly cry over your spilled milk.

17. When You Have A Limited Wardrobe Choice

Au revoir to my bodycon, favorite tees and sweater dress.

18. When Your Breasts Refuse To Give Milk

When Your Breasts Refuse

No, your breasts are not out of milk. In fact, it looks like a full-blown balloon. Still, you are having a hard time expressing milk from your pumping machine. Because let’s face it, nobody does that job better than your baby.

19. Leaking From Your Breasts At The Most Inconvenient Time

The one time you don’t wear your nursing pads and people look at you like you did a criminal offense.

20. Taking Your Pumping Bag Everywhere With You

Taking Your Pumping Bag Everywhere

They are heavy and don’t look cute, but you still have to tote around with them because that’s the only choice you have.

Is it just me or did you have a tough time pumping your breastmilk too? Feel free to discuss in the comment section below.

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