17 ways to reduce stress and relax

Tired of feeling tired and spent every day after work? Read this guide and learn to unwind with 17 simple ideas.

The life of modern man has never been more taxing. People work longer hours and do not get enough time to unwind and recharge. But by doing a few simple things, anyone can easily avoid stress and learn to relax. In this guide we provide a few ideas on how one can leave the stresses behind and rejuvenate.

Restrict work to office

Try your best to finish your work at the workplace itself or at least don’t bring it home with you. There may be times when you have to bring a little amount home but do not let it develop into a habit. More importantly, once you are out of the office don’t let your thoughts dwell on it.

Maintain a dedicated space

Have a space in your abode where you can keep your work material. When you’re at home try not to dig through your stuff. If looking at it troubles you, keep it in a cabinet.

Clear the clutter

The mind cannot relax in a messy place. Getting rid of things and creating a clean space can ease some of your nerves. Make clearing the clutter a weekly task lest it become unmanageable beyond help. It may be boring at first, but the immediate result in the form of cleanliness and calm is a reward in itself.

Take a shower/bath

Having candles and relaxing music while bathing can do wonders to a weary soul. Combine that with scented shower gel and you’ve got the perfect recipe to combat negativity.

Comfort first

Change out of your professional clothing and into a bit cozy that encourages relaxation and comfort. It doesn’t matter how you look. What matters is that you are comfortable in your own house. Throw on some boxers and a nightshirt and you’re good.

Get a drink

Or more – but don’t let the work stress be an excuse to binge and pass out. If something else like a beer buzz helps you, go for it.


Paperback or Kindle – a good book is the surest way of unwinding and transporting to another realm. Just make sure that it isn’t too gripping or you’ll stay up at night.


Though classical music encourages relaxation the most, you can switch to some classic tunes if that’s what you prefer and dance off the stress. Make sure that whatever you put on is to your liking.

Finish your chores

When left undone, chores pile up and induce stress themselves. Once home, finish the chores that call out to you. This will allow you to clear away mental clutter as well and truly loosen up.

Get some air

This won’t be possible on winter nights but is ideal for summers. Ensure that there is still daylight when you return so you can use the time left to relax. Engage in some healthy activity in the evening such as going for a stroll or play a sport.

Don’t cook if you don’t want to

Cooking is not an interest that everyone shares. Though it may help stay healthy and save money, sometimes it is good to take a break and order in. Keep menus of different outlets handy and order your favorite food.

Don’t fuss over money each night

There is a time and place to manage bills but it is not every night. Set aside a few days to deal with bills and over-dues and stay trouble free for the remaining days.

Learn relaxation techniques

Most people are attracted towards yoga and meditation as these are known to work wonders for people’s mental state. Combine it with some light exercise and you can ensure a complete relaxation of both mind and body.

Get some laughs

If things have been a bit too somber lately, watch stand-up comedy or a comic movie and laugh out loud. Laughing will not only let you forget your problems, but also get you in an energized and upbeat mood.

Call a buddy

If the gloom seems insurmountable, call up a buddy. Having someone to talk to will help you relax, find solutions, or at the very least, help you get the negativity out.

Play games

This could be on your desktop or mobile. Stick with something you’re familiar with and like such as casino games on https://conquestador.com/ which can be downloaded on apps as well. Just make sure that you don’t stretch it until late in the night.

Get sleep

Finally, when you’ve successfully unwound, the best thing to do is to get some shut-eye. Make the room as comfortable as possible and set the temperature according to your needs. Nothing relieves stress the way a forgetful sleep does.

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