13 Moms on the Crazy, Creative Ways They Sneak in Self-Care

Before I was a mom, self-care was non-negotiable. I never realized that it was a luxury to flip through a stack of magazines while a Real Housewives marathon soothingly played in the background. I took for granted that I could book spa appointments on a whim or spend a low-key weekend with my phone off, hiding in a movie theater.

I think my daughter was maybe 5-days-old when I first started lingering in the bathroom to play an extra round of Words with Friends or hold onto the towel rack while practicing yoga poses. Stealing small moments to reconnect with myself suddenly became essential. When I went back to work and my daughter began daycare, I started taking advantage of the 20 blissful minutes I had in the car all alone before starting my busy day. Almost five years later and those 20 minutes are still saving my sanity. My car activities vary, but I usually call my mom or best friends, listen to Radio Andy on Sirius, get a large cold brew from Dunkin’ and savor every sip—with my eyes closed. Heaven!

The mornings that doesn’t happen? Well, I’m a hot, dysfunctional mess. It’s why I’ve become unapologetic about getting in that time, even if it means running late. I recently mentioned how I sneak in my “me time” during another essential, self-care ritual—a mom’s night out— and discovered all my fellow mom friends have tips and tricks for squeezing in self-care.

Are you unsure how to find time for yourself in between work life and mom life? We went to the authority—other working moms—for their best tips and tricks that you must borrow. Find what works for you, but whatever you choose is instant permission to rediscover and reconnect with the parts of yourself that need TLC from giving so much of yourself to others.

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