12 Things To Do In Your First 12 Weeks Of Pregnancy

Things To Do In Your First 12 Weeks Of Pregnancy

Congratulations if you’ve just confirmed the good news! We’re sure you must be on cloud nine. With your emotions all over the place, you might be clueless where to start your preparations from. But don’t you worry. We, at MomJunction, have your back. Let us break down the 12 important things you need to do in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy:

1. Find The Right Doctor

Find The Right Doctor

This is THE most important step because your doctor will be with you throughout your pregnancy journey and even postpartum. Most of us who are planning for a baby would have already consulted a doctor. But for those who were caught by surprise, it’s the perfect time to find the right OB/GYN. You can consult 2 or even 3 doctors before you finally settle down for one you are comfortable with and confident about. Make no compromises here.

2. Start Your Prenatal Vitamins

Again, those who have been planning beforehand would have started on the prenatal vitamins. If you’ve just found out you are pregnant, check with your doctor and start on the prenatal vitamins immediately.

3. Figure Out Your EDD

Figure Out Your EDD

Your due date is estimated based on the first day of your last menstrual period. While it might not be the exact day, it’ll still be very close to it plus-minus one week. This Estimated Due Date helps you check your pregnancy milestones throughout your pregnancy.

4. Let People Who Matter Know

It’s important to inform your status to those who are very close to you – your spouse, mother, sisters, etc. These are the people who are your solid support group.

5. Plan Your Announcement

Plan Your Announcement

By the time you are in your 12th week, you and your spouse can decide to go ahead and announce your pregnancy to the rest of your family and friends. You can still choose to lie low until you show at your workplace if you wish to.

6. Take A Picture Of Yourself

Aren’t those before-after pictures interesting? If you too wish to do it, then this is the right time. Take a few good pics of yours in your favorite outfits now. When your belly starts showing, you can take those ‘after’ pics in the same/similar outfits. They’ll make for an interesting collage later on.

7. Re-Organize Your Diet

Re-Organize Your Diet

You are pregnant! This means that a lot of foods will soon be off your list. To adapt yourself to it, start by making subtle changes to your diet before making full-fledged ones. Also, plan your diet for those nasty morning sickness bouts.

8. Start On Regular, Light Exercise

Pregnancy comes with its own set of aches and pains. So, make sure you consult your doctor and start on regular prenatal exercises like yoga. Deep breathing exercises are helpful too, especially during your labor when you’ll be asked to take deep breaths to push the baby out.

9. Read Pregnancy Literature

Read Pregnancy Literature

You’ll hear a lot of do’s and dont’s once you announce your pregnancy, making it difficult to sort the myths from facts. So, make sure you read some of the pregnancy literature. You can choose a book by a well-known author or visit a website like MomJunction to help you prepare. You may not know everything, but most of it is helpful.

10. Plan Your Maternity Leave

If you are a working professional, decide when you’d like to avail your maternity leave. Plan your knowledge-transfers beforehand and also the best person to fill in while you are on leave.

11. Create Your Essential Shopping List

Create Your Essential Shopping List

Pregnancy becomes mostly about the baby and hospital visits as it progresses. Therefore, take some time out now and create a list of essentials you might require. Things like a pregnancy pillow, belly band, mesh panties, etc. You may not get time to get these later when moving around gets difficult for you.

12. Prepare For Your First OB/GYN Appointment

Your first OB/GYN visit will mostly consist of lab tests, ultrasound scan and even a physical exam where your weight and BP would be checked. The first ultrasound would be done through a probe being inserted in your lady bits, not an abdominal one. So, clear the forest if you haven’t.

These set of 12 things should be enough to set the stage for your pregnancy journey further. Of course, your doctor and your family will always be around to guide you. And, let’s not forget those fellow mommies you’ll connect with. So, never think you are alone in this. Just relax and follow your doctor’s instructions and you’ll happily sail through this wonderful journey. Good luck!

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