11 Things Men Absolutely Love About Pregnant Women

Things Men Absolutely Love About Pregnant Women

When your hormones are running rampant and your body is constantly changing, you may not feel your best. Expectant moms may feel less desirable especially when they are pregnant. “Am I no longer attractive to him? Do I look fat? Oh, my God, what if he thinks I’m fat?” There are so many thoughts that run wild in your mind. But there’s something about a pregnant woman that men find incredibly attractive. Maybe it’s the pregnancy glow or the swollen ankles. Continue reading the article to know about the 11 things men absolutely love about pregnant women.

1. The Pregnancy Belly

The Pregnancy Belly

No, they are not calling you fat behind your back. In fact, men love your baby bump. He may love rubbing your belly or laying his hand on your bump when you are cuddled up in bed. So, don’t worry the next time you see him staring at your belly with puppy eyes. They just love it.

2. The Glow

The Glow

While there are a lot of side effects that you can do without, your pregnancy glow isn’t one of them. If you are blessed with a pregnancy glow, embrace it while you can, girl! And it might not be just your man who notices this glow. So, if you find other men gazing at you in the parking lot, the reason could be your glow.

3. The Intimacy

The Intimacy

Women might have a high sexual drive as they enter their third trimester. Your partner is going to love that. Men love it when a woman initiates lovemaking. But hey, you might have to get a little creative in bed. But it’s totally going to be worth it.

4. The Girls

The Girls

Your breasts may get bigger during this time. You may even go up a cup size or two. There may be some tenderness and itchy skin, and of course, it means going for bra shopping. Your man may not be able to keep his eyes and hands off your new chest.

5. The Weird Cravings

The Weird Cravings

You may feel like having a pickle or ice cream at 2 in the morning. Just tell your man what you want and he will happily get that for you. And be sure that you won’t be judged if you have a tub of ice cream all by yourself. Not that you care at that point.

6. The Laughs

The Laughs

Your man will laugh along with you when you pee your pants or when he finds your phone in the freezer. The pregnancy brain makes you do weird things. And he will be by your side even after you scream that it’s all his fault that you are going through this. Though he may not be able to understand all that you are going through, he will be ready to laugh along the way.

7. The Responsibility

The Responsibility

They now know that their little swimmers did the job, and have a huge ego boost. Once he realizes that you are carrying his baby, his protection mode will be on. He will feel responsible for you both and would do everything to be there for his family.

8. The Cheers

The Cheers

He will be congratulated by his friends, boss, and relatives when they hear about the pregnancy. They will probably high-five him and give him a pat on the back. He will feel a sense of accomplishment on the job well done.

9. The Weekly Updates

The Weekly Updates

The daddy-to-be wants to be as much involved as he can. So your man will likely do his own bit of research about the pregnancy symptoms. He might even know when your baby’s eyes and nails start forming and might as well become a pregnancy expert.

10. The Maternity Pictures

The Maternity Pictures

He might have dreaded the maternity photoshoot up until the last minute. But he is going to love and cherish those moments when you start posing for the maternity photos. He will realize that the baby bump that he is holding now will soon turn into a tiny baby in a couple of weeks.

11. The Kicks

The Kicks

There is going to come a time when you can feel your baby move. You might have experienced the baby’s kicks early on, but the first time the dad gets to feel the movements, it would be surreal for him. He will suddenly realize that things just got real.

Every time your partner looks at you, he is going to be reminded that you both created a life. His excitement is only going to grow as your due date gets closer. He isn’t going to care about the chubby ankles or the crazy mood swings (okay, maybe a bit). So, let go of all your inhibitions and enjoy all the love and attention from your partner.

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