11 Funny Things Only First-Time Grandparents Can Relate To

Funny Things Only First-Time Grandparents Can Relate To

When you share the good news with your immediate and extended family, your parents are probably the ones who’ll be the most excited. At times, more than the soon-to-be parents too. And why not. For them the news that ‘their’ baby is going to have a baby is overwhelming. And the feeling of becoming grandparents for the first time is indescribable. Are you going to be first-time grandparents soon? Then here are a few funny things about it only you can relate to:

1. You’ll Be Shocked On Hearing The Good News

Shocked On Hearing The Good News

When your son/daughter broke the news to you, you’d have reacted with happiness. But in all honesty, it would have come as a shock to you. Why? Because, according to you, your child was a kid until “recently” and got married only “yesterday”. Isn’t it too soon?? ha ha ha…

2. You’ll Be Way Too Concerned For Your Daughter

Way Too Concerned For Your Daughter

You too had become parents at some point. You know how pregnancy works. Yet, despite assurances from your daughter (and the doctor, even), you’ll still be concerned over every movement of your preggo little girl.

3. You Are Excited About Each Milestone

You Are Excited About Each Milestone

Your daughter/daughter-in-law might still be in her first trimester, but you’ll be excited to know if the baby is moving already. Even after the baby is born, you’ll not be able to contain your excitement. You’d want the baby to start talking, walking, and smiling all at once.

4. You’ll Start Calling Yourselves Grandpa/Grandma Already

Start Calling Yourselves Grandpa

Even before the baby is born, you’ll start imagining the names the baby will address you with. In fact, you’ll start calling out to each other ‘grandma’ and ‘grandpa’ yourselves even before the little one arrives.

5. You Love Babysitting

You Love Babysitting

You’ll often willingly volunteer to look after the baby. Your children might be cautious so as not to make you feel like a baby sitter. But little will they know you’re not babysitting, but rather baby playing.

6. You Can’t Stop Smiling

Stop Smiling

From the moment the baby arrives, you just can’t stop smiling. The arrival of the little one who transforms you from parents to grandparents is surely a special milestone in your life.

7. You Love Declaring That Your Grandchild Resembles You!

Declaring That Your Grandchild Resembles

Some might say it’s the father and others might suggest it’s the mother. People might be wracking their brains over who the child resembles the most. But, you know the answer already – you! And you love proudly declaring it too.

8. Your Grandchild Becomes Your Nap Buddy

Grandchild Becomes Your Nap Buddy

“Your baby needs to sleep well. Let me help you with it.” This will be your constant advice to the new parents. But unknown to them, you will actually be timing your naps with your little buddy!

9. When The Baby Pees On His Dad, It’s Funny For You!

Funny For You

As a parent, you’d have faced many a diaper disaster with frustration and uneasiness. But now that your child is in the same boat, you’ll enjoy a good laugh or two at their expense!

10. You’re An Expert At Soothing The Baby

Expert At Soothing The Baby

No matter how much the parents stroll around with the crying baby, they might never succeed in soothing him/her. However, the moment you take over, the baby would calm down magically. While the clueless parents look up to you for inspiration, you’re not going to share your secret, are you?

11. You’ll Forget What Life Was Before You Became Grandparents

Became Grandparents

Before the baby was born, you had a lot more things to do in your life. Your children were the main focus for a long time too. However, once your grandchild enters the scene, he/she is all you can think of. No matter where you go – festive shopping, a chocolate store, or even pass a toy shop, your first thought would be to get something for you grandchild. It would be as if you’d have forgotten what life was before your grandchild’s arrival.

Aren’t these funny things about first-time grandparents cute and adorable too? What were your memorable moments as a first-time grandparent? Please share those wonderful moments with us so we can cherish them together.

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