11 Amazing Facts About Breast Milk That You May Not Know

Amazing Facts About Breast Milk That You May Not Know

You may have learned about pregnancy and childbirth. But when it comes to breast milk, all we know are a few things like how long should you breastfeed, and how it is the only ideal nutrition your baby needs. However, there’s more to know about breast milk and breastfeeding. And once you read about these amazing facts, you will know how incredible women’s bodies truly are.

1. Worried About Your Pregnancy Weight? Just Breastfeed

Worried About Your Pregnancy Weight

If you are concerned about your pregnancy weight gain, breastfeeding has got you covered. Women who breastfeed their babies exclusively can burn up to 600 calories a day (1). Who knew getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight could be this easy?

2. It Paves Way For A Great Bonding Experience

Paves Way For A Great Bonding Experience

Being extremely nearsighted, babies can see only up to a distance of 8-15 inches. Which happens to be the same distance between you and your baby during breastfeeding. This way your baby can see you up close and you can engage in a true bonding experience (2).

3. They Can Smell You

They Can Smell You

Did you know that your baby can identify the unique smell of your breast milk? Their strong sense of smell enables them to navigate toward your breast when they are hungry (3).

4. Breastfed Babies Fall Sick Less Often

Breastfed Babies Fall Sick Less Often

Breast milk protects babies against stomach problems, diarrhea, and ear infections. So, breastfed babies are at a lower risk of falling sick (4).

5. Breastfeeding Facilitates Faster Recovery From Pregnancy And Childbirth

Breastfeeding Facilitates Faster Recovery

Women are often concerned about their pregnancy belly after giving birth. And while each woman’s body is different, breastfeeding certainly helps in making the transition to pre-pregnancy belly quicker. Breastfeeding releases certain hormones in a woman’s body which helps the uterine muscles contract back to its normal size (5).

6. Breastfeeding Offers Long-term Benefits To Your Baby

While all mothers know the benefits of breastfeeding during the initial years of a newborn’s life, it also protects the baby for the long-term. Breastfed babies have a lower risk of diabetes, asthma, and obesity as they grow up compared to non-breastfed babies (6).

7. You Can Save A Lot With Breastfeeding

You Can Save A Lot With Breastfeeding

We all know that breast milk is free. But have you ever wondered how much money you would be saving by breastfeeding your baby? The formula-related costs come around $1200-$1500 in the first year of a baby’s life alone (7).

8. Your Baby Gets Exposed To Different Tastes

Your Baby Gets Exposed To Different

Unlike formula-fed babies, breastfed babies get exposed to different tastes. Your baby gets a slight taste of whatever you consume through breast milk. Since they are also exposed to different tastes from the beginning of life, giving solids to them later becomes much easier (8).

9. Your Body Prepares For Breastfeeding During Pregnancy

Childbirth is the final signal your body receives to start producing milk. Your body doesn’t know how many babies you will be giving birth to, which will result in an abundance of milk soon after birth. It later gets regulated according to your baby’s needs (9).

10. Breast Milk Has Healing properties

Breast Milk Has Healing properties

The special components in breast milk can reduce the swelling in the breast and also help combat infections during postpartum. Massaging breast milk on the breasts and nipples can help soothe sore nipples and breasts (10).

11. Breast Milk Changes During A Feeding Session

The consistency of breast milk changes during a feeding session. The milk will be a bluish watery color at the beginning of nursing and change to thicker fatter milk towards the end to give the calories needed for the baby to grow (11).

Are you surprised by these breastfeeding facts? We hope our article has improved your knowledge about breast milk and breastfeeding. Which fact surprised you the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

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