10 Lessons I Learned About Getting Old

  1. Getting older sucks but it isn’t over yet. — Keep on pushing through to something new.
  2. The older I get, the harder it will be to admit I need help. Do it anyway. My family and I will be better off.
  3. It’s hard to find good help. When I do, don’t let them go.
  4. Having money doesn’t mean crap.
  5. Life Is Precious.
  6. Don’t waste my time on stupid shit.
  7. Slow. Down. and smell those roses.
  8. Sometimes, I have to take the electric scooter out on a Saturday afternoon and just roll with it.
  9. Leave the past where it is, plan for the future, and dig into the present.
  10. Keep My Word. If I do, I will leave this earth peacefully and with good karma.

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Photo credit: By Cristian Newman on Unsplash

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