10 Baby Names That Are Weirdly Popular With Millennial Parents

10 Baby Names That Are Weirdly Popular With Millennial Parents

Millennials have a way of coming up with unique and unusual baby names. They can think out-of-the-box and beat any other parent when it comes to coming up with unique monikers. Though these names may not be right up everyone’s alley, we’ve got to hand it to them. They are definitely quite popular among the millennial parents. Here we bring you 10 such weirdly popular baby names:

1. Clementine


Clementine means merciful. It is a name which was hugely popular in the 1880s. It is a feminine name which has its origin in Europe. So, if you are an old soul, this name might sound appealing to you. Clementine lost its charm in the 1980s but has gained traction again since 2016. It just goes to show how popular this name is among millennials.

2. Aadriti


Aadriti is the name of Hindu Goddess Durga. It is a beautiful name for a girl. But some might find this name hard to pronounce. Aadriti can be a tongue twister for her kindergarten teacher when he/she calls out her name. It is definitely a unique name, unlike the usual Arati, Atira, and Aiswaryas.

3. Kale


Who would have thought that you could name your kid after a salad ingredient! Other than a food item, it also means uncertain and free man in different regions. Kale has different variations and is also spelled as Kayle, Kael, etc. Naming your kid after a food item has become a real trend among millennials with names such as Sage and Kiwi also gaining traction.

4. Yashaswi


Yashaswi means eternal fame or success. It also has other variations – Yashasvi or Yeshaswi. It has its origin in Japan and is also quite popular in the Hindu religion. What’s more? Yeshaswi is a gender-neutral name. But we must warn you that it’s not a name that easily rolls off everyone’s tongue.

5. Peace


It’s time to let your stress out and your zen in with this unusual and cool moniker. While there are many names which symbolize or mean peace such as Oliver, Pax, and Paz, people are choosing to go with Peace. And this is one name which needs no explanation. We do not know why parents choose to name their kid Peace, but we assume that they want a calm and peaceful kid. Kudos to them.

6. Kai


Kai is originally a Japanese name with several meanings. A few of them include shell, ocean, recovery, and restoration. It is a unisex name. Though unusual, it’s a nice pick if you want something short and simple.

7. Magnolia


Magnolia is a popular girls name. It is a Latin-origin name which has been popular in several baby names list. Magnolia is the name of a tree which is considered to be associated with dignity and splendid beauty.

8. Myra


Myra means myrrh which is a fragrant resin from a tree. This name was created by a poet of the 17th century. Some people say that it is derived from the name Miranda and can be a shorter version of the name Mira.

9. Ramirez


It was originally used as a surname in countries like Spain, Mexico, and the U.S. It means son of Ramiro and also a wise protector. Though a common Spanish surname, it is now being used as a first name among millennials for baby boys.

10. Saffron


What’s with naming your kids herbs and spices? Millennials are naming their babies Kale, Saffron, and Rosemary, and making it work. Saffron is a spice which is considered most expensive among its category. Saffron is a girls name which is popular in Egypt. Who knows, in the next few years, we might get to hear names like Pepper, Sugar, and Clove gaining traction.

We hope you liked our list of weirdly popular baby names. Which name did you find the weirdest? And, did you find any favorites?

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